Studio Benefits

"It's a mentor circle meets business-yoga classpass."

  • Connect with a highly-vetted professional network of like-hearted soulpreneurs and 5D leaders.

  • Crowdsource conscious business advice within a supportive, private forum of expanders and masters of their chosen field.

  • Self-paced meditation and journaling practice for embodied guidance and clarity in your business. Fresh content released twice monthly.

  • Twice monthly live mentor circles and creativity rituals led by Justine Bloome and special guests.

  • Unearth mutually-beneficial partnerships within the community and find new frientorships.

  • A growing library of resources, tools and exclusive discounts on complementary courses and services.

Doors Open August 3, 2020


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Justine Bloome


Justine is an embodied leadership mentor, certified meditation teacher, and an award-winning marketing strategist (most recently Chief Strategy Officer at VaynerMedia, working alongside Gary Vaynerchuk in New York City). For the first 20+ years of her career in marketing strategy, Justine helped solopreneurs grow their business, worked with celebrity chefs to build their personal brand, and advised Fortune 500 brands on their global marketing strategies. Now, Justine guides elevated entrepreneurs and embodied leaders with the perception-shifting power of a prompt, mentorship, mastermind groups, workshops and guided meditations.

Justine Bloome

Embody. Elevate. Expand.

“When I signed up for Studio for the Soul, I had no idea what I was signing up for and what impact it would bring to my life and business. A friend recommended it to me and framed it as a mastermind group for mindful women in business. All of that sounded great, but I would come to find how it would FEEL great. To be able to collaborate, share, and be held accountable with a group of people who hold space for each other has been impactful. I went from feeling unfocused, overworked, and isolated in my life as an entrepreneur to finally feeling direction and intention again. It’s been insightful to understand the power of community.”

Lora Ladd

The Tidy People | @thetidypeople

“Studio for the Soul was a valuable experience that brought growth through new perspectives gained from connecting with a beautiful network of women. Justine masterfully created an online space that cultivated a sense of mutual respect, openness, knowledge sharing and building. I would recommend Studio for the Soul for anyone seeking to improve their business through a deeper awareness of self, and for nurturing or exploring ideas.”

Kimberley Lee

Therapeutic Guide | @kimberleyl

“Spending this time weekly with peers talking about our experiences, goals and personal challenges gave me support and something to look forward to each week during an otherwise very uncertain time. Justine is an incredible facilitator- not just in the discussion and guidance she designs, but also in the different tools she uses; meditation, journaling, healing practices to bring the group together. I would highly recommend working with her if you have a chance!”

Rachel Coady

Coach + Consultant | @rachelcoady

“Studio for the Soul provides a safe space where we can release old, tired, disempowering narratives about women and our place in this world. Justine provides the structure and the guidance to remember who we truly are and the inherent power we have always had.”

Melanie Hernandez

M. Alexandria | @_m.alexandria_

“I love connecting with likeminded solo entrepreneurs all over the world and have built some wonderful connections from it. The program is brilliantly designed and offered the perfect amount on inspiration and self-reflection. I have definitely grown from it, both personally and professionally. Justine weaves her beautiful energy and spirit through each session and is a magnificent host.”

Sandi Sieger

Camp Awakenings + Onya Magazine @sandisieger

“Studio for the Soul is pure magic - a safe space with smart, supportive people sharing challenges, ideas and inspiration. It's gentle, powerful and practical and sure to help you unlock plenty of ways to let your soul shine through.”

Lou Pardi

WISER Magazine | @loupardi

Membership Options

Founding Membership Available For A Limited Time

  • Founding Member
    $74 / month

    Founding Members can choose a convenient monthly auto-payment.

  • Founding Member Annual
    $740 / year

    Founding Members can choose an easy annual payment. Your first payment is made after a free trial period of 14 days.

  • BIPOC Founding Member
    $47/mth or $470/yr

    If you identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Colour: we recognize the part of your membership for which you've already paid.

Are you ready to trust the part of you that led you here?

  • Feel Aligned Everyday

    If you made it all the way down here, let's be real – Studio is calling you! If you've been looking to share space with a group of like-minded soulpreneurs, there's only one question remaining: will you choose to invest in yourself?

  • Heart-Led Business Rituals

    In a world of hustling, embodied leadership is an act of rebellion. Studio is for leaders who know they want to expand their business in a soulful, purposeful, authentic, collaborative and intuitive way. If that's you, welcome home!

  • Be A Founding Member

    The opportunity to be a Founding Member will close on August 16. After this time, Studio membership will increase to $137 p/month. Founding Members are locked in at this low rate for the life of their active membership!


  • How do I know if I’ve been accepted or not?

    We respond to applications as quickly as possible. We reserve the right to deny or wait-list any application. Some of the things we look for in applications are thoughtful responses, alignment with our values, and a conscious approach to entrepreneurship. All applications go through a thorough process of vetting that includes reaching out to your referral or emailing for further clarification.

  • What is the time commitment?

    Like anything in life, the program only works if you say YES and show up. Are you ready to commit to transforming the way you show up for yourself? Studio is open online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a minimum, we recommend 30 minutes per day, plus a 90 minute live call twice per month.

  • When are the live calls?

    Every two weeks, members are encouraged to participate in the mentor circles via Zoom. We offer two timeslots for this class to accommodate most timezones. You can choose from Monday morning 9.30AM PST and Tuesday afternoon 4.30PM PST.

  • What do I get with my membership?

    Build your business and live your dreams with the support of like-minded soulpreneurs. Studio offers multiple ways for you to receive soulful support for creative focus, clarity, and business growth. You'll have to access the tools, the connections and resources you need to thrive in your business.

  • Who are your members, and how can I utilize the network?

    Connect with other soulpreneurs and 5D leaders in our community by consulting our expanding Member Business Directory. Listings are sorted by interests / industry and include links to website and social media profiles. Making business connections and soulful friends just got a whole lot easier.

  • Is there a Facebook Group?

    Studio hosts a private community noticeboard inside our membership area. All active members are encouraged to utilize this space for connection, community and support from other members. We will show you how to add this to your mobile home-screen for easy access! Currently, there is no active Facebook Group associated with this membership community. Member feedback will determine whether we change this in the future.

  • Are there live meet-ups and events?

    This is a 100% virtual (do it from anywhere) experience.

Are You Ready To Meet Your Soul Tribe?